Take Action

So, What Can You Do to Help?

Educate Yourself

Learn more about the causes of homelessness, the issues that keep people homeless, and more. Check out our Information and Resources page to learn more.

See Registry Week video for more details. 

Become a Voice for Change – Speak Up and Reduce Stigma

When you hear people either intentionally or unintentionally being judgmental or biased against people experiencing homelessness, speak up and reduce the stigma against people without a home.

Donate Time, Money and/or Experience

There are a number of community organizations within Oxford County who assist people experiencing homelessness. Start with our members of the Oxford Housing Action Collaborative listed in the About Us section, and contact us for more information.


Speak with local Municipality and County representatives, as well as the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and Member of Parliament (MP) to voice your support for increases in funding for housing and housing-related services and appropriate policy changes.

Visit votehousing.ca